This stands as an agreement between you and Gorillacontact.in that administers your use of Gorillacontact.in. By working with Gorillacontact.in, you are approving accepting the agreement and be bound by the terms of use. Therefore, please go through the agreement ensuring complete satisfaction. If you do not wish to accept all the terms and conditions along with the agreement notices, we would not be able to grant the permission of using Gorillacontact.in.

Private Assets

All contents used on Gorillacontact.in that includes graphics, button icons, logos, texts, images, etc are sole assets of Gorillacontact.in and is copyright protected. The license of use of any services or products is particularly administered by these terms of use and the particular purchase order stroke invoice consisting the legal and commercial terms between both the parties.

What can be done?

In exchange of your acceptance to the terms of use of the agreement, Gorillacontact.in offers you a non-transferable and limited license towards the usage of Gorillacontact.in and the products/services offered by Gorillacontact.in.

What cannot be done?

Alternative to as explicitly offered in the above-mentioned clause, you do not hold the right to distribute, display, or copy any contents received from Gorillacontact.in. You can under no situations, publish, create, reproduce, transfer, sell, perform, license, or modify any services or contents received from Gorillacontact.in. Additionally, you cannot or otherwise, make use of the service, contents or pages of Gorillacontact.in on other websites unless you hold the private label agreement signed by directors of Exar software research pvt ltd.

This implies that the permission to make use of the contents of Gorillacontact.in will be interpreted by the court in support of Gorillacontact.in. If you tend to violate any rights of intellectual property or expand the usage scope of the license beyond permission, you tend to be in an agreement that Gorillacontact.in would be highly offended and might even receive a court order to direct you from any such further troubles. Protection provided to Gorillacontact.in through this agreement will bring upon termination of license.


No Use of Restricted or Unlawful Content

Given to the license of using Gorillacontact.in, you guarantee non-usage of any contents, services, or Gorillacontact.in that is restricted by the agreement. If you infringe, your license of using Gorillacontact.in will be terminated easily.

Email Practises

You are permitted to only import, access or otherwise use permission-based double opt-in lists, while sending emails using any smtp server used with Gorilla Email Marketer (Both Deskop based and web based). However, you are not allowed to send emails to all those people who have not given any consent or placed any request for sending emails to them. You cannot send emails to distribution lists, group lists, newsgroups, purchased list or spammed email addresses.

Bounce Processing

We insist you not to exceed 5% of your bounced mail. If it happens, we have the rights to terminate your account.

Usage of Gorillacontact.in is based on Own Risk

Gorillacontact.in takes no responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences regarding the use of Gorillacontact.in owing to any inaction or action that you take on the basis of the services or any such other material offered by Gorillacontact.in you understand and come to an agreement to make use of Gorillacontact.in at your own risk.

Submissions and Suggestions from the User

Gorillacontact.in is thankful to you regarding the suggestions and comments in relation to the services provided. However, you must agree to the fact that Gorillacontact.in cannot return any suggested or submitted notes, drawings, texts, or any ideas delivered to Gorillacontact.in.

If you do send any such suggestion or materials, they shall be solely regarded as the property of Gorillacontact.in and Gorillacontact.in shall not be indebted to you any compensation or be liable for using the texts, notes, drawings, or other such ideas.

E-mail Marketing

Gorillacontact.in in its engagements to the business of email market will be in no way responsible for any losses/claims/damages/consequences whatsoeverincidental/ancillary/consequential to the intended use of the email marketing services, products, or software. Under the particular email marketing scheme, the function of Gorillacontact.in is prohibited to offering services and software regarding email marketing. Gorillacontact.in will not provide any information database.

Furthermore, Gorillacontact.in shall also not be responsible for any sort of inaccuracy, omissions, errors, etc. in the database that is being transferred by making use of the email marketing. Any information that is being transferred or exchanged related to the services or products of Gorillacontact.in shall remain to be the exclusive responsibility of any party transferring the information and Gorillacontact.in shall be away from such party.

Private Label Reseller Module

Gorillacontact.in also functions under a private label reseller module that allows appointing resellers for promoting selling and marketing any product. Under this particular module, the relation shared is in between principal to principal and Gorillacontact.in shall hold no responsibility for any terms and conditions or commitments being delivered over the terms of use of Gorillacontact.in.


Liability Disclaimer

Gorillacontact.in does not represent the appropriateness of the services and contents consisted on the website for any reason. all services and contents are offered without any guarantee of a kind. Gorillacontact.in hereby, disclaims all guarantees and conditions related to services and contents along with all implied guarantees, merchantability, fitness, or conditions for a specific purpose and non-infringement. Gorillacontact.in shall in no way be responsible owing to any indirect, direct, incidental, consequential, punitive, or special losses arising out of any inability or delay in using Gorillacontact.in or for any service or information received through Gorillacontact.in whether it is based on tort, contract, restricted liability, even if Gorillacontact.in has been recommended of the damage possibility owing to the jurisdiction not allowing the limitation or exclusion of any form of liability for incidental or consequential losses. the damages mentioned above might not be applicable to you.


Other Website Links

Gorillacontact.in may feature links of other websites that, as per our company might interest you. However, the sites linked do not fall under the control of Gorillacontact.in and we are in no way responsible for the contents available on the sites that are linked. Gorillacontact.in does not promote the products and services of the linked companies. If you need to access the third-party sites, you must be sure of using it at own risk.


By working with Gorillacontact.in, you agree to indemnify Gorillacontact.in along with its affiliates, owners, and agents from any loss, expense, claim, or liability that results from your use of Gorillacontact.in. This is not limited to the infringement of the terms of use of the agreement. By agreeing to the terms of use, you agree to maintain indemnified Gorillacontact.in from the claims of third party by using any services or products of Gorillacontact.in. Any information or data product that is sent to any third party shall remain as the exclusive responsibility of the party sending or transferring the information.

Operation all across the World

You must agree that Gorillacontact.in operates all across the world and you are making use of the Internet as an agent of using Gorillacontact.in from the local IP.

Resolution of Disputes

All matters of jurisdiction related to Gorillacontact.in will be held at Thrissur court only. This agreement is solely administered by Thrissur administration. Since, Gorillacontact.in, makes no guarantees and do not hold any liabilities and if you come to an agreement to hold Gorillacontact.in harmless, you must not have any reason to hold any grievance with us. If you ever bring any legal action in opposition to Gorillacontact.in, you irreversibly agree to maintain the same in a year following the arousal of the claim in the Thrissur court. To put off any unwarranted lawsuits, you come to an agreement to cover all the expenses of the court proceedings in case; you sue Gorillacontact.in and fail to win the case. If its is required by Gorillacontact.in to put the agreement into effect, you must agree to sending you legal notices via email given by you. The failure of Gorillacontact.in to be determined about the enforcement of the provisions shall not stop us from enforcing the same terms in future.

Changes to this Agreement

Gorillacontact.in can alter or change the agreement anytime and such changes shall be immediately effective. The day of the last medication of the agreement shall always be posted at the top, for convenience sake. You can always consider reviewing the agreement to your ultimate satisfaction following any modification. By accessing Gorillacontact.in following the modification, you are agreeing to the terms of use of Gorillacontact.in.

Security Information

Gorillacontact.in gives the security issue a serious concern. We always ensure using the SSL technology for protecting any information sent to us by you related to credit cards or other such information.


Terms of Delivery and Sale


All prices are in INR including the VAT. However, the VAT will always be used separately on the buying receipt on the mail following the buy. We reserve all rights for price change and errors.


The subscription of Gorillacontact.in is valid from one month to a period of one year at a time and the subscription is activated following the registration of the payment. When you have paid the subscription of your requirement, you will be receiving two emails – one offering the purchase receipt and the other offering the login information of Gorilla Web Email Marketer and setup instruction.


You can make payment through VISA, Mastercard & Rupay


All payments made to Gorillacontact.in are safe, as the network is encrypted via SSL protocol through instamojo. This ensures that only Gorillacontact.in gets to see your information. We preserve the contact information for around two years and you can be rest assured of the fact that we will not be using the information for any marketing purpose.

Return Rights

Since, the service and product is entirely operated online, we do not offer any return rights.

Additional terms

Referral is made regarding terms of trade that you will be receiving while purchasing the product.

Claims of Refund

Gorillacontact.in holds a general product liability for the online service delivered. If in any case, you tend to be dissatisfied, please email at support@gorillacontact.in with the complaint. If Gorilla staff are unable to solve your problem you may file refund request at https://gorillacontact.in/request-a-refund.php. However, If you are found violating any of the terms of use then Gorillacontact.in has the right to terminate your account without providing any refund.

Information emails from Gorillacontact.in

By agreeing to the delivery and sale term of Gorillacontact.in, you will be receiving emails offering relevant news related to enhanced customer relationship.

Privacy Policy

We here at Gorillacontact neither sell nor share your database or email lists to anyone. If it’s made mandatory by law or required to conduct any legal process, we will only provide this information to the internal support professional who will be troubleshooting your account. We are not in business for renting any data but for providing you quality email service.