Terms and Conditions - GorillaContact

Please take a little time to read this important message from ceo to have a better understanding about our products.This will help you take the right decision whether our products are a perfect fit for you and will avoid customer complaints after purchase.

Gorilla Contact web based email marketing platform is primarily used to send huge volume promotional emails to purchased email lists.

User will get 100% inbox delivery to email boxes of all private domains and spam folder delivery to email boxes of all public domains like gmail, hotmail,yahoo etc.

GorillaContact includes front end email marketing software and backend smtp server installed on a linux vps with multiple ips in rotation to reduce the effect of spam complaints.

User can send unlimited emails using the platform. Although the maximum speed of sending is 20K emails per hour, we recommend each user to limit the sending speed to 1000 emails per hour. If speed of sending is increased to 10K or 20K emails per hour, IPs of the server may get blacklisted quickly.

All first time customers should compulsorily follow the IP warmup procedure. IP warmup is a method of getting the ips of your server familierized with ISPs slowly by sending a limited amount of emails in the first few days and slowly increasing the volume of emails sent in the next days.

If IP warmup is not done IPs of the server will get blacklisted quickly and the delivery rates of your email campaign will be affected.

Users can still send email campaigns and get good open rates even if the IPs are blacklisted.

We donot offer any refund of setup fees if your server IPs are blacklisted due to high bounce rate or increased spam complaints

Upon request ,our staff will apply for whitelisting of IPs free of cost for those customers whose IPs are blacklisted and the results of your white list application can be known in 7 days.

If your email list contains spam-trap emails or if spam complaints foryour server goes beyond the allowed threshold or if you are sending any illegal / anti-social /phishing email content, your server may be termporarily or permanently suspended by the datacenter

If your server is temporarily suspended by the datacenter , you must seek the help of ur support staff to get the suspension removed.

If your server is permanently blocked due to sever abuse complaints, you will not be able to use that server any more and we will also not offer any refund of our setup fees for the same

All customers are requested to clean their email list using http://www.removebounce.com before blasting your email campaigns to the list. This will help you remove invalid emails and spam-trap email addresses from your list and reduce your bounce rate which is one of the reasons for the datacenter to suspend the server.

For reinstallation of the software on an additional server, we charge $25 one time fees if your first server is purchased within one month and $80 one time fees if after 1 month.